Portfolio Management

Prioritising and selecting the most valuable digitally enabled transformation projects amongst an organisation's investment portfolio is essential towards the prevention of value leakage. Our methodology steers organisations away from managing portfolios for costs and resourcing alone by focusing on creating a credible and consistent comprehension of what relative value means to an organisation. This involves employing a pragmatic ability to 'score' value across 3 parameters, namely, strategic alignment, business contribution and risk/readiness in addition to a dynamic approach towards portfolio adjustment in order to ensure transparent decision-making.  

Business Meeting
Meeting the Staff

Investment Management/Benefits Realisation

We bring clarity towards understanding and actively managing business change in addition to the realisation of business benefits. By leveraging outcome mapping, a graphical technique depicting projects, the capabilities they deliver and the impact these capabilities have on strategic outcomes, we succinctly identify how to accomplish the changes needed to transform initiatives into outcomes. We collaborate with organisations using this technique to articulate business strategies by expressing outcomes in terms of desired objectives, guide the creation of business change programs and aid right to left thinking or a mindset which begins with the end goal and works regressively to optimally identify investments. 

Value Governance

The value management process can only be impactful with an instituted value governance framework which we assist to integrate. This involves establishing and maintaining the decision making and monitoring structures, processes and information for the business governance of the portfolio of investments. By maintaining value management principles over the full lifecycle of an organisation's transformation, this ensures that optimal value can be secured from all digital investments. 

Shaking Hands

We are dealing with increasingly complex programs of organisational change enabled by technology. Most organisations don't realise that value requires a clear definition of the metrics measuring success and the right enterprise governance framework. Our expertise will solve this problem using the principles of value management in three key areas.

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"