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In 2021 commenced partnering with The Treasury to undertake benefits and evaluation engagements for two very major government policy initiatives.  These engagements have provided Treasury with the approaches to successfully understand and express the achievement of policy outcomes in measurable terms. Expressing policy in outcome terms and representing the link of policy initiatives to desired outcomes has assisted Treasury to define success for those policies.

Over the 10 years of partnership with the ATO, VMC assisted to introduce and raise the ATO’s level
of competency in benefits realisation, portfolio management and value governance. Our work extended beyond assisting with defining benefits for specific digital transformation change initiatives, to building and sustaining capability. VMC supported the development of value
propositions for numerous business cases for both agency and cross agency change initiatives.
Further, VMC provided staff development and executive awareness in value management thinking
and disciplines.


Maridulu Budyari Gumal is an academic health science partnership with an ambitious purpose: to change the future of healthcare. VMC has worked with Maridulu Budyari Gumal since 2018 to define, and more recently update, their business strategy and represent that in outcome terms (Strategy on a Page). This has assisted the understanding and prioritisation of the foundational and change initiatives necessary to deliver the health research outcomes.

Our Clients

Value Management Consulting (VMC) has brought an outcomes and value focus to dozens of private and public sector organisations. They include major state and Commonwealth agencies. We have assisted our clients to understand and articulate business strategy and the constituent portfolio of business transformation investments that supports achievement of business strategy,
and development of value propositions for business cases. To close the loop back to strategy, we have assisted clients introduce the disciplines of benefits
realisation and addressed the challenges of outcomes measurement and accountability.

VMC has worked with UNSW since 2017 when outcome mapping was undertaken for the UNSW
business strategy and for several of the current investment programs including their 2025 strategic plan. In 2020 and 2021, VMC facilitated the strategy review for several UNSW’s Alliances. This included the strategic review of a major international alliance, the PLuS Alliance, where the outcomes focus
and the measurable achievement of outcomes was the key determinant for defining the Alliance’s next steps.


ACCC requested VMC assistance in 2021 to bring an outcomes and benefits perspective and relevant disciplines to their major internal digital transformation program. This engagement has involved extensive stakeholder awareness and uplift in thinking about outcomes and benefits as a critical element in a program’s success. Benefits planning with key leading and lagging measures of success have been identified, and business accountabilities accepted.

Since 2015, VMC has partnered with eHealth NSW to successfully bring an outcomes and benefits approach to eHealth’s portfolio of digital investments. We have worked with eHealth to:

  • Define the link between the eHealth digital investments and the NSW Health strategic goals
    and outcomes

  • Articulate and plan for realisation the business benefits of numerous clinical, infrastructure and corporate digital investments, including detailed benefits planning and the preparation
    of value propositions to support business cases

  • Supported development of eHealth capability in value management

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