VMC assisted the NZ Treasury with the prioritisation of their investment and BAU activities for their 2017-18 Budget. This has involved completing a Strategic Outcomes Map of their business strategy, and using that to prioritise current and intended investments. 

Over 5+ years of partnership, the ATO has commissioned VMC to introduce benefits realisation, portfolio management and value governance structures. Our work has extended to changing program benefits definitions and improving executive awareness in value management disciplines.

VMC commenced value management assistance to the Digital Transformation Agency to conduct a rapid diagnostic over the strategically important cross agency DIPA analytics program. This has been essential for DTA to undertake its assurance role in the achievement of the business outcomes of this initiative.

Our Clients

Value Management Consulting has brought an outcomes and value focus to the portfolios of organisations spanning numerous industries and across a variety of strategic frameworks in both the private and the public sectors internationally.

Over a 2 year period, VMC has assisted to introduce portfolio management, value governance and benefits realisation to UNSW's transformation projects. Of particular interest and value has been the adoption of outcome mapping for the UNSW business strategy and for several of the current investment programs including their current 2025 strategic initiative.

VMC was engaged to adapt and apply aspects of the NSW Government Benefits Realisation Management Framework to the Treasury Financial Management Transformation (FMT) Program. This involved developing an Outcomes Map and benefits profiles and also defining what aspects of the framework need to be actioned to operationalise the Benefits Management Framework.

For 2+ years, VMC has assisted eHealth NSW to establish an embedding benefits management initiative to strengthen its benefits realisation capabilities. We have worked with eHealth to link programs to to business change and NSW Health business outcomes.

With the launch of the department's organisational capability vision, the executives identified the need to measure and monitor progress towards the achievement of this vision. VMC was engaged to fulfil this need with a formal monitoring and evaluation framework.

Over 2017-18, VMC prepared for the department's development and institution of their new integration platform, coined the 'robust program', by devising an Outcomes Map, a Benefits Realisation Plan and Profiles for the expected key outcomes.

VMC, in conjunction with PM-Partners, conducted an Outcomes Mapping exercise to create the linkages between strategic intent (required outcomes) and Fletcher Building's proposed projects. The outcome of this exercise was to identify and prioritise those projects with a direct and clear linkage to the desired business outcomes.