I have known Peter for many years and we have a great working relationship. He is a true leader in his field and delivers enormous value to his customers and associates, including me. I have great respect for Peter and his diligence and giving nature.

John Smibert

We approached Value Management Consulting (VMC) to assist us in developing a model for monitoring and measuring change for our Department’s Capability strategy. VMC was very effective in applying their methodology and process to our challenge, and the results far exceeded my expectations.  

I particularly valued their ability to engage and obtain input from senior executives throughout the process.

Jamie Clout

Peter is one of Australia's foremost experts on Benefits Realisation Management and Value Management, and provided the team with a strong basis of knowledge to work from.

Laurence Archer

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Australian Department of Employment


Value Management Consulting assists organisations to realise the true business value of their digitally enabled and transformation investments. Established in 2013 by Peter Harrison, a global thought leader in value management,   we have been committed to assisting both public and private sector organisations with varying business goals in embracing a value-driven approach towards their digital transformation projects in line with their strategic frameworks.

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